RULE XV : Execution of Decisions, Awards or Orders

SECTION 1. Decision of Commission. — The decision of the Commission shall be final and executory after ten (10) calendar days from receipt thereof by the parties.

SECTION 2. Execution of decisions, orders or awards. — (a) The Secretary of Labor and Employment or any Regional Director, Med-Arbiter or voluntary arbitrator may, upon his own initiative or on motion of any interested party, issue a writ of execution on a judgment within five (5) years from the date it becomes final and executory requiring the Sheriff or the duly deputized officer to execute or enforce their respective final decisions, orders, or awards.

(b) The Secretary of Labor and Employment and the Chairman of the Commission may designate special sheriffs and take any measure under existing laws to ensure compliance with their decisions, orders or awards and those of the Labor Arbiters and voluntary arbitrators, including the imposition of administrative fines, which shall not be less than five hundred (P500.00) pesos nor more than ten thousand (P10,000.00) pesos.

(c) Alternatively, the Secretary of Labor and Employment, the Commission, any Labor Arbiter, the Regional Director or the Director of the Bureau of Labor Relations in appropriate cases may deputize the Philippine Constabulary or any law-enforcement agencies in the enforcement of final awards, orders or decision.