RULE XII : Labor-Management Council

SECTION 1. Creation of labor-management council. — The Department shall promote the formation of a labor-management council in organized establishments to enable the workers to participate in policy and decision-making processes in the establishment insofar as said processes will directly affect their rights, benefits and welfare, except those which are covered by collective bargaining agreements or are traditional areas of bargaining.

The Department shall render, among others, the following services:

1. Conduct awareness campaigns on the need to establish labor-management councils;

2. Assist the parties, through the Department's field workers, in setting up labor-management structures, functions and procedures;

3. Provide process facilitators in labor-management council meetings upon request of the parties; and

4. Monitor the activities of labor-management councils as may be necessary;

5. In establishments where no legitimate labor organization exists, labor-management committees may be formed voluntarily by workers and employers for the purpose of promoting industrial peace. The Department shall endeavor to enlighten and educate the workers and employers on their rights and responsibilities.

SECTION 2. Assistance by the Department. — The Department, upon its own initiative or upon the request of both parties, may assist in the formulation and development of labor-management cooperation, programs and projects on productivity, occupational safety and health, improvement of quality of work life, product quality improvement, and the like.