RULE VIII : Internal Union-Disputes

SECTION 1. Complaint. — A complaint for any violation of the constitution and by-laws and the rights and conditions of membership under Article 242 may filed in the Regional Office where the union is domiciled.

SECTION 2. Who may file. — If the issue involves the entire membership of the union, the complaint shall be signed by at least 30 percent of the membership of the union.

In addition to the above requirement, the petition must show on its face that the administrative remedies provided for in the constitution and by-laws have been exhausted or such remedies are not readily available to the complaining members through no fault of their own. However, if the issue affects a single member only, such member may alone file his complaint.

SECTION 3. Contents of complaint. — The complaint must, among other things, contain the following:

(a) The person or persons charged;

(b) The specific violation/s committed;

(c) The relief/s prayed for; and

(d) Other relevant matters.

Such complaint must be in writing and under oath, and a copy thereof served on the respondent.

SECTION 4. Procedure. — Upon receipt of the complaint, the Regional Director shall immediately assign the case to a Med-Arbiter. The Med-Arbiter shall have twenty (20) working days within which to settle or decide the case. The decision of the Med-Arbiter shall state the facts and the reliefs granted, if any. If the conflicts involve a violation of the rights and conditions of the membership enumerated under Article 242 of the Code, the Med-Arbiter shall order the cancellation of the registration certificate of the erring union or the expulsion of the guilty party from the union, whichever is appropriate.

SECTION 5. Appeal. — The aggrieved party may, within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the decision of the Med-Arbiter, appeal the same to the Secretary on any of the following grounds:

(a) Grave abuse of discretion; and

(b) Gross incompetence.

The appeal shall consist of a position paper specifically stating the grounds relied upon by the appellant and supporting arguments under oath.

SECTION 6. Where to file appeal. — The appellant shall file his appeal, which shall be under oath and copy furnished the appellee in the Regional Office where the case originated.

SECTION 7. Period to answer. — The appellee shall file his answer thereto within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the appeal. The Regional Director shall, within five (5) calendar days, forward the entire records of the case to the Office of the Secretary.

SECTION 8. Decision of the Secretary final and inappealable. — The Secretary shall have fifteen (15) calendar days within which to decide the appeal from receipt of the records of the case. The decision of the Secretary shall be final and inappealable.

SECTION 9. Execution pending appeal. — The execution of the order of the Med-Arbiter shall be stayed pending appeal.